Advanced course

Advanced course for sport training

Continually follows up the basic course and serves for the transition from the automatic opening to the self-opening of the parachute in the free jump.

  • This course contains about 35 jumps. The height of these jumps is around 1500 meters to 4000 meters. It is run by the sport curriculum AeČR and is finished with the administer of the category A. Part of the course is land preparing, where you learn how to control your body in free-fall.
  • The ground training, where you can teach how to control your body in free-fall is also included in course.
  • For these jumps you will again be equipped with the parachutes Falcon.


How actually wind tunnel works

The air in the wind tunnel moves up at high speed. We can organize a trip to Wind tunnel (free-fall simulation). „Flying“ in tunnel is especially useful for beginners after the basic course because it is the best way to get to know how to handle your body in free-fall

Advanced course Photo Gallery