Basic course

What is basic course

Basic course is jump with the automatic opening of the parachute

from the height 1200  meters. Parachute is opening thanks to pulling rope and in 5 seconds after jump is fully open and functional. The student controls the parachute and lands himself with the help of navigation from the instructor through the radio.

What does our course contain

  1. theoretical preparation (for example: navigation of the parachute, meteorology) – 8 hours – class Dolní 12
  2. land preparation (for example: practice of parasomersault, jumps from the airplane) – 4 hours – class Dolní 12
  3. video information (fun films about jumps)- class Nusle
  4. testing – class Nusle
  5. pre-jump preparation at the airport
  6. first jump with the automatic opening of the parachute of type wing Falcon from the height 1200 to 1500 meters

What will you jump on

For parachute jumps we using

  • student parachutes of type wing Falcon of the American firm Precision Aerodynamics, inc, which are for their safety and reliability very popular in the world and are also used as the reserves
  • all our parachutes are equipped with safety device Cypres, which opens the reserve parachute 225m above ground in case of malfunction if you fail in your emergency procedures
  • all parachutes are also equipped with radiostation and the height measure
  • you will be equipped with an overall, a helmet and safety glasses


For the course you need sneakers and a track-suit, your own shoes above the ankles (high sneakers, winter shoes, farm shoes, trekking shoes)

What's needed for acceptance

at least 15 years of age at the age between 15 - 18 a verified written parent agreement a health confirmation from aviation medical examiner MUDr. David Melechovský
Telephone +420 603 423 470

What you have in the paid course

all theoretical and land preparation lending of all the needed material for the jump lecture notes testing 1 jump + all airport payments the insurance for the responsibility of damage the certificate about the jump

Plane You will be jumping off

plane an-2 can take 12 skydivers on board climbs to exit altitude for static line jumps in 10 to 15 minutes plane L-410 can take 16 skydivers. It is suitable for jumps from 4000m AGL

Dates and types of courses

weekend Friday – from 8:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. theory and land preparation – class Dolní 12 Saturday, Sunday – pre-jump preparation and jumps at the airport

Prices for Year 2022

basic course including one jump 3000 Kč basic course including three jumps 5000 Kč the price of every following jump is 1000 Kč you can not combine discounts.